An enthusiast of good times & all things outdoors.


[Insert a standard excerpt riddled with career & educational jargon

explaining why I’m so great…]

If my work in its various forms hasn’t by now tickled your fancy, well… who cares where I went to school, or what my favorite food is…

…it’s a good green curry.

A truth instead…

While being a photographer I’ve encountered some amazing people, I’d be nowhere without them; whether they were teachers, clients, friends, or often all three, having a job that fosters those types of encounters while “at work” is one of the main reasons I love pursuing this career.

These many wonderful people along the way have led me to incredible places around the world. I am eternally grateful to have been afforded an extraordinary amount of time to work and learn in some of the most unique destinations one could hope to. I have found consistent success through regularly varying environments thanks to an unfailing can-do attitude. From luxury travel destinations to interiors, creative pursuits or projects focused on exceptional individuals, I am confident that I can work quickly and adapt without pause to whatever comes my way.

My work experience includes- Cuixmala, Hacienda de San Antonio, The Lost Abbey, LifeProof, Otter Products, Stanley Brand, Vogue USA - bts w/Peter Lindbergh, Red Bull, L’Officiel Paris and has been featured by REI, Huffington Post, Departures Magazine and more.

Ceremonia de Cacao | Davis Gerber Works

I firmly believe that your life unfolds in proportion to your courage…

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.