An enthusiast of good times & all things outdoors.


Please insert here a typical career & educational jargon-riddled excerpt

of why I’m allegedly successful.

If my work in its various forms hasn’t by now tickled your fancy, well… then who cares where I went to school, or what my favorite food is…

it’s a good green curry though, lots of rice, LOTS.

A truth instead…

Throughout my career thus far I’ve encountered some truly amazing people, I’d be nowhere without them; whether they were teachers, clients, friends, or all three- continuing to make such acquaintances is one of the main reasons I love my job.

Any credit deserved is to all of you, most of whom come to mind play an integral role in my life and career to this day. I am beyond thankful to receive support and guidance from all you immensely talented and inspiring souls. Everything I do is in a continual effort to repay people’s time and investment in me, by making an impact just as much as any type of work.


I firmly believe that your life unfolds in proportion to your courage…

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.