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Cuixmala - Jalisco. Mexico


This property is one that no words nor photos could ever fully capture, it truly makes you wonder what else is out there in the world, but also answers the question in a way - that surely there is nothing else quite as astonishing, through and through.

The lasting symbol of all Sir James Goldsmith stood for and loved, his former private estate/nature reserve Cuixmala, is a property open for guests to come and experience luxury travel in a whole new way. This eco-friendly resort, all 5,000+/- acres of it, sits within the greater Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere reserve, totaling around 34,000 acres. Naturally hotel operation sees that everything is done in the most eco-friendly manner; bamboo groves are harvested for building materials, the on-site sea turtle release program is nearing 1 MILLION hatchlings, and their own Organic & Biodynamic farm even sees to all the hotel’s needs.

The architecture of every accommodation and structure on property is where Cuixmala even further stands out from any upper-echelon luxury travel destination.

I can’t really say much more as words just do not suffice… please get a general impression via the small selection below, then please go learn more at!


Meanwhile, up in the Western Mexican Highlands...


This incredible 19th century Spanish colonial style hacienda sits at the base of the awe-inspiring Volcan de Fuego. Occupying 470 beautifully maintained acres within a 5,000 acre working ranch, organic farm, and coffee plantation... One could easily live out the rest of their days in this real-life fairytale.